Blackpink’s Jennie lets her hair down at Cannes afterparty of The Idol premiere | English Movie News

Blackpink’s stars are making it big in 2023. First, they did the opening show at the Coachella music festival. Then, Jennie was spotted at the MET Gala and now is there at Cannes making her debut.
She is part of the HBO Show, The Idol, which includes singing superstar Abel Tesfaye, earlier known as The Weeknd and Johnny Depp’s daughter, Lily Rose-Depp in major roles. After the premiere at Cannes, the cast let their hair down at the after party and Jennie was prominently video taped and photographed dancing and grooving.
She was wearing a white and black monochromatic halter neck checkered top with a skirt which had a thigh high slit. She seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself in a clip which was posted on her Twitter handle. The clip already has more than 520,000 views.
The Idol TV show centres on an upcoming pop idol played by Lily Rose-Depp and her relationship with a self-help Guru. Jennie Kim has a pivotal role in the series
Jennie is enjoying being in the spotlight and is excited about her foray into acting after having established herself as a top international popstar. She is rumoured to be in a relationship with BTS’s V.

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