An article claims Zeenat Aman is of ‘mixed ethnicity’, the diva takes to social media to reveal her background | Hindi Movie News

Veteran actor and diva Zeenat Aman, took to her IG stories this morning to quote an article that wrongly attributed that she is of ‘mixed ethnicity’. Taking to her IG stories, Zeenat said, “I’m happy to be in the company of these beautiful actors, but a sincere request to double check the facts before posting such articles. My mother was not ‘German Christian’. She was an Indian Hindu, whose second marriage was to a German man. My father was an Indian Muslim. This is publicly available information, including on my Instagram. I am also NOT fluent in German, at most I can understand a smattering. Danke (Thanks in German)!”


The enigma also wrote about her mother in another post and said, “If I have lived an extraordinary life it’s because I was brought up by an extraordinary woman. My mother Vardhini Scharwachter was what you’d call a ‘pataka’. Elegant, intelligent, feisty and my pillar of support.”

She further wrote, “She was a practicing Hindu and she epitomised the ideas of tolerance, love and empowerment. Her faith did not stop her from marrying my father Amanullah Khan. Later, after they had separated, she fell in love with and married a wonderful German man, whom I called Uncle Heinz. She taught me to stand on my own two feet and to live life on my own terms. She was truly the wind beneath my wings.”
Zeenat Aman is hugely popular on IG and is often seen sharing pearls of wisdom from her life.

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