April 15, 2024

60-year-old Cancer patient wants to meet Shah Rukh Khan, wishes to cook a simple Bengali meal for him | Hindi Movie News


West Bengal resident Shivani Chakraborty unfortunately, does not have a lot to look forward to in life. The 60-year-old is suffering from terminal cancer and says her days are numbered. However, she does have one last wish, that is to meet Shah Rukh Khan.

In an interview to TV channel, Shivani said she is counting days as doctors have said that she will not live long. She however, adds that there is one wish, which can be called her last wish, and that is to meet Shah Rukh Khan before she dies, adding that she wants to meet him in person.
Shivani is more or less bed bound, but still harbors a hope of meeting SRK and cooking for him. She said that she will cook for him something, that they eat at their home every day. Reiterating SRK’s love for Bengal, Shivani added that he might enjoy the homely meal she hopes to cook for him.
Shivani is a huge SRK fan and used to watch all his movies in the theatre, till her health started deteriorating. She also said that she wants to ask SRK to bless her daughter, while meeting him to understand how such a star remains so grounded.

Earlier, SRK has gone out of his way to meet fans, who were terminally ill, either virtually or in person. He had earlier recorded a video message for another Cancer stricken fan Aruna PK, who unfortunately succumbed to the disease in 2017.

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