April 19, 2024

Sharmila Tagore: I taught my children that when I go to work, they have to tell me, ‘Get a 10 on 10’ – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News



In many ways, Sharmila Tagore personifies beauty and grace, apart from the fact that she’s one of the most talented actresses of Hindi cinema. With some evergreen classics in her filmography, the actress continues to win the hearts of her fans over the years. The good news is, she’s making a comeback after 12 years with ‘Gulmohar’ which also stars Manoj Bajpayee, Simran, and Suraj Sharma. If one sees the film, then Tagore’s character Kusum will find resemblance of some sort with her own personality.
She’s also given similar family values to her children. In an interview Saif Ali Khan had said that he can stay at home and take care of his son Taimur, while Kareena Kapoor Khan can go to work, it is because of the way his mother has raised him.

Reacting to it, Sharmila spoke to ETimes while discussing ‘Gulmohar’ that, “It’s true. All working women were frowned upon. The society thought we are bad women because we are leaving our children and going to work. But there’s a lot of pain and sacrifice in doing that. That’s how we were judged. Somehow, a man’s work was always valued. A woman’s work was not valued. The notion was that the man is earning a living, so your role is in the kitchen. I taught my children early in life that when I had to go to work, they tell me, ‘Get a 10 on 10’. The way I would wish them for exams, they had to wish me when I went to work. I have taught them that while I am not neglecting them, my work makes me happy, just like going to a birthday party makes them happy. They learnt to accept me as a working person and would ask me questions about my work. They didn’t think I was leaving them or depriving them by going to work.”
Her character in the film decides to stay alone at the age of 76 to live life on her own terms. Tagore also resonated with that and added, “If you don’t stay under one roof, it doesn’t mean that your relationship has broken. Geographical closeness doesn’t mean that you’re close, because sometimes even if everyone is staying together, people are on their phones, in their rooms or texting someone. It’s what you inculcate in your children and what they feel about family. So, I liked many aspects of Kusum and I related myself to that.”

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‘Gulmohar’ is set to release on Disney + Hotstar on March 3.


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