April 19, 2024

Kavin excels in this well-written feel-good emotional drama



Dada Movie Synopsis: Manikandan and Sindhu, final year college students, become parents accidentally. Situations separate them, forcing Manikandan to raise his child, Adhithya, as a single parent. What follows are the struggles and battles that have to be fought during the journey.

Dada Movie Review: If not done correctly, blending extreme emotions and comedy in the right proportions can be one of the most difficult tasks. But when a filmmaker succeeds in doing so, there is no better tool to keep the audience engaged throughout.Kavin’s Dada is one such film that has its emotions in the right place. It demonstrates the battles that Manikandan (Kavin) faces while trying to make a good life for himself and his child, with some lighter moments.

Manikandan (Kavin) and Sindhu (Aparna Das), final-year college students, are head over heels in love with each other. Mani unexpectedly impregnates Sindhu and becomes a father at a young age.

While the two decide to live together at their friend’s place, Mani’s irresponsible behaviour and lethargic attitude during Sindhu’s pregnancy period create differences between them. Now, Manikandan is left with no other option but to raise his newborn child all alone, despite his economic conditions.

What follows is a beautiful tale of a father and son and their journey against all odds.

Director Ganesh K. Babu’s writing is effective enough to pull the audience into the world of Manikandan, a single parent, who gets into that redemption phase.

The protagonist here is flawed to an extent, and that’s one of the biggest strengths of the film. He resurrects himself every single time when reality hits him hard, making us root for him. They say comedy can help soften the seriousness of a drama’ and that’s what Ganesh K Babu has implemented in Dada.

The lighter moments and wacky dialogue that come every single time after an emotional sequence work big time. Pradeep Antony’s character in the second half takes the viewers on a fun ride. Though there aren’t many conflicts after the intermission and the screenplay becomes a bit predictable, the inclusion of a few characters, such as Pradeep Antony and VTV Ganesh, keeps us entertained.

The sequences between father and son are well-written, and there’s a lot that the audience could relate to. Kavin’s screen-presence and the way he carries the role throughout add a lot of value to the narrative. For instance, we are introduced to his character as someone who doesn’t get affected by or cry at any situation in his life. But at one point, when we find tears in his eyes, it’s quite believable and doesn’t look fake.

Aparna Das, though she sheds tears for most parts, has done a great job as well. Their chemistry works in many instances, and that’s one of the reasons why we fell in love with this film. The technical aspect of the film—both the cinematography and the music – is brilliant. Jen Martin’s background score elevates emotions then and there.

Dada could have easily been a Tamil version of Pursuit of Happiness if it had only focused on the career and the battles of Manikandan, who is struggling to raise his child, Adhithya. But it does showcase his love life again post-interval, giving us another dimension.

Overall, Dada is a well-written drama with the right mix of comedy, emotion, and love. It’s something to watch out for this weekend.


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