April 12, 2024

Anu Aggarwal announces, “I have a man in my life”: deets inside – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News


Many people were quite shocked when Anu Aggarwal during her hey days said that she had been in a live-in relationship. Post that, we never heard of Anu dating anybody. Well, on Valentine’s Day today, she made a BIG CONFESSION on ETimes, FIRST and EXCLUSIVE. Anu told us this morning, “Currently, I have a man in my life.”
And who is the guy, we asked? Guarding the identity of the person in question, Anu said, “Well, we were in a live-in before ‘Aashiqui’.” Seems, he’s the same guy from yesteryears.
Anu said that they have been on-and-off but now it is far more stronger. “We have a fantastic bond,” she added happily.
The guy, she told us, is neither from the film industry nor stays in India. “But we often meet. India is not the only place to meet,” she chuckled.
For those who missed it, Anu had given us an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW talking about a host of things. We reproduce it below:

Back to Anu’s present. Anu does not believe in marriage. According to her, it is an extinct institution today. However, she concluded by saying, “Never say never. I don’t know! We might get married, we might not get married.”

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