April 13, 2024

Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan won’t sell his web series to any streaming platform yet – here’s why


By now everyone who is curious about Shah Rukh Khan’s son knows Aryan Khan is not interesting in facing the camera. Aryan has chosen filmmaking as his profession. He is now busy with his debut web series which, sources close to the Khan parivar say, is about the young, their aspirations, dreams and nightmares.
“It is not a frivolous series, trust me on that. Aryan is not a frivolous person,” a close family friend of the Khans tells ETimes.

As if to corroborate his gravitas, Aryan has decided to not sell his serial to any streaming platform until the project is complete.
“Aryan wants no pressures of delivering on deadline, etc. More importantly he wants to make his series the way he wants to without any streaming platform breathing down his neck. He has almost every major streaming platform chasing him to close the deal. But Aryan knows why they are keen to buy his incomplete series although he is a debutant. He doesn’t want to be treated special for being his father’s son,” the family friends explains.

We say, good for you, Aryan. Show them you are more than just a chip off the old block.

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