ETimes Troll Slayer: Mocking Junior NTR for his accent will never overshadow his global achievements! | Hindi Movie News

Team ‘RRR’ gave India a reason to rejoice and kickstarted the year on a very positive note. Director SS Rajamouli, actors Junior NTR, Ram Charan and music composer MM Keeravani walked the red carpet with others at the prestigious Golden Globe Awards and returned with a win for their song ‘Naatu Naatu’.

While the country was rejoicing, trolls started spreading negativity to dampen the victory spirit. ETimes doesn’t support such hate, especially when someone is making the country proud! Take a look at some of the jabs that Junior NTR faced and our response to the same:

“Pretty AnilKapoorish accent. But that’s ok.”


So you are not just complaining about Junior NTR’s accent but have issues with Anil Kapoor’s style as well? And even if Junior NTR did copy Anil Kapoor’s style, isn’t it flattering for the Bollywood actor?

“What is the problem to speak in Indian accent. Why he is eagerly to prove himself as American”


Instead of trying to bash the actor by assuming that Junior NTR wants to ‘prove himself as American’, why didn’t the thought cross your mind that with his style, he was just making himself more accessible to the US media? It could be that the actor is putting in effort so that he connects to a larger audience.

“This is so absolutely cringe. Man went abroad last night and picked an accent, this is hilarious”


This is no joke, but a quality called ‘Adaptability’. Kudos to the man for proudly walking the red carpet and delivering a confident interview. Instead of cringing over his accent, be proud of the man who is making India proud on a grand and global scale.

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