Diljit Dosanjh reveals he rejected a ‘big’ film; says he doesn’t work for money | Hindi Movie News

Diljit Dosanjh recently opened up about his work life. According to the singer-actor, he isn’t chasing money in the entertainment industry.

Spilling some more beans about the same, he told a news portal that he lives for pride and is happy doing the work he does best, singing and acting. Diljit added that if he cared about money, he would have done more films, more marriage shows, 4-5 Punjabi films every year. However, he never ran after money. According to him, he always wanted to be famous ever since he was a kid. There is no limit to fame. The singer-actor just wants to do good work and enjoy his life. He is happy about whatever he is able to do and he is grateful to God, Diljit told Hindustan Times.

Diljit went on to reveal that he is currently working with Imtiaz Ali and he recently rejected a big film. According to him, he doesn’t do something just for the sake of money. He only does it if he likes the subject.

Elaborating further, he added that he does shows, creates songs and releases an album every year. If he was only an actor, he would have done more films. If he was only a singer, he would have done many more songs. However, he is doing everything altogether but he doesn’t want to beat the tabla. According to him, he is doing everything at his own pace.

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