April 15, 2024

Alka Yagnik BEATS BTS, BLACKPINK; becomes the world’s most streamed artist on YouTube | Hindi Movie News


Some names need no introduction and vocalist Alka Yagnik is certainly one of them. From groovy numbers to love ballads, she has lent her voice to songs from every genre. She has several accolades in her name, including two National Awards. Further, she is one of the female Bollywood vocalists with the maximum number of solo songs. And if you think that is a record, wait till you know about her latest victory.
According to the Guinness World Book Records, in 2022 Alka Yagnik was the most streamed artist on YouTube globally. She had 15.3 billion streams last year, and an average of 42 million streams a day. She beat Bad Bunny (Puerto Rico), who had 14.7 million streams. Not just this, in 2021 and 2020 also the Bollywood singer had the highest number of streams, 17.7 billion and 16.6 billion respectively.
Further, according to the reports, Alka became number one on the list, leaving behind musical giants like BTS and BLACKPINK, who had 7.95 billion and 7.03 billion streams respectively. The sensations from the west like The Weekend at 13th place with 5.7 billion streams, Taylor Swift was at number 26 with 4.44billion streams and Drake at position 50 with 2.9 billion.

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