THE WAIT is over for ‘Kantara’s OTT release!

THE WAIT is over for ‘Kantara’s OTT release!

The biggest wait for all movie buffs across India was the OTT release of the blockbuster ‘Kantara’ and the OTT platform’s announcement of the date has sent the fans of the movie into frenzy mode. Yes you read right as the film is releasing on OTT platfrom on November 24 and members can stream the film in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. So all the suspense, tension, frustration in wating comes to an end as fans are now on their eager to see the film on OTT.

Take a look at the Tweet of the OTT platform:

The digital premiere of ‘Kantara’ is coming after the mind blowing box office success comes of the film. ‘Kantara’ made at a modest budget of Rs. 16 crores, went on to gross more than Rs. 400 crores worldwide breaking several records along the way. The OTT premiere has been eagerly awaited after an massive response from the audience of the film who were waiting for repeat viewing in OTT.

Once the film is premiered on the OTT platform, more number of applause and appreciations is awaited for the team of ‘Kantara’ as cinephiles are eager to write their love for the film on social media platforms. On the other side, ‘Kantara’ is also expected to make a record history in the number of views the film will make on the OTT platform just like how it broke records at the box office. So a earth shattering streaming is expected for ‘Kantara’s OTT release.

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