‘Taare Zameen Par’ boy Darsheel Safary set to be seen in a romantic drama titled ‘Capital A small a’ | Hindi Movie News

Darsheel Safary is still remembered as the boy from ‘Taare Zameen Par’, though he’s now all grown up set to be seen in a romantic film. Titled ‘Captial A small a’, the film is about an adolescent love affair between Aadi (Darsheel) and Aanshi (Revathi Pillai). The film is touted to be relatable to the younger audience thus reminding them of their first crush.

The film directed by Sumit Suresh Kumar and also co-written by him along with Gaurav Joshi, also talks about insecurities and fears of teenagers. Talking about the show, Sumit said that Romantic dramas hold a special place in the hearts of the audiences. But the society’s perception matters to many and that also spoils many relationships. Hence, with the film, the director aims to transform the perception of people and focus on one own happiness.

It’s great that things are falling in place for Darsheel as he had said in an interview with Etimes that that things had really slowed down for him during the pandemic. When asked about the actresses he wants to work with, he’d said he would love to work with Janhvi Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan. Darsheel expressed, “I want to work with them. Who wouldn’t? Janhvi and Sara are established names in the industry. I believe everyone gets his or her chance. Maybe in a couple of years, I will get mine, too.”

Well, one hopes Darsheel does get more of his chances soon.

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