Sayanora Philip on her acting debut ‘Wonder Women’: Anjali Menon asked me to be myself, so I hadn’t had to ‘act’ – Exclusive | Malayalam Movie News

Anjali Menon’s directorial ‘Wonder Women’, an English film revolving around six pregnant women, starring Nadiya Moidu, Nithya Menen, Parvathy Thiruvothu, Padmapriya, Sayanora Philip, Amruta Subhash, and Archana Padmini is all set to stream on an OTT platform this Friday (Nov 18). Singer-music composer Sayanora Philip is making her acting debut with ‘Wonder Women’. In an exclusive conversation with ETimes, Sayanora opens up about how she landed the role, working with Anjali Menon, and much more.

Before talking about ‘Wonder Women’, Sayanora Philip wants us to rewind a year back. In September 2021, Sayanora Philip and her friends Bhavana Menon, Ramya Nambessan, Shilpa Bala, and Mrudula Murali posted a video on their respective social media handles, wherein they can be seen grooving to the song ‘Kahin Aag Lage Lag Jaave’. A section of the netizens wasn’t happy about it as a few of the women were wearing shorts, especially Sayanora Philip, because she is a mother and doesn’t fit into the conventional beauty standards, and she received a slew of distasteful comments. ETimes was one among the first to report the same and talk to Sayanora, and she told us, “My legs are gorgeous and I love them,” which also accelerated a body positivity campaign on social media, wherein women posted pictures of them dancing and embracing their legs!

Though we all assumed that everything ended there, we got you a surprise! As Shah Rukh Khan once said, “
Picture abhi baki hai mere dost!” That viral video made Anjali Menon, one of the promising filmmakers in Malayalam cinema, cast Sayanora Philip in the upcoming release ‘Wonder Women’!

“When Anjali (Menon) cast me in the movie, I was thrilled. I literally asked her ‘why me?’ but she didn’t answer it. My curiosity was piqued, and after completing the first day of the shoot I asked her again, and she said, that the viral video made her want to cast me in a film! Apparently, my expressions, especially towards the end of that video, grabbed her eyeballs!” Sayanora Philip tells us.

Sayanora Philip plays Saya, a singer-performer and a Keralite who resides in Goa with her live-in partner Jojo and is having their child. “I never felt like I am acting, because the character was like me, to a great extent. On the first day, though I was confident that I can perform, I got jitters, because it was my debut, I have these seasoned co-stars around, and Anjali Menon is directing. But Anjali asked me to not be intimidated by anything. She asked me to be myself, so I hadn’t had to ‘act’! My character Saya is bold and brave and I never really felt like I am playing a role. Also, while filming, Anjali would ask my input on how I think Saya would react to a certain situation and would guide me to do the same. And most importantly all my co-stars were encouraging and warm. I felt like being on a vacation with these amazing women. They would cheer me after I give a shot, and made me feel like one among them,” Sayanora Philip recalls.

Interestingly, Sayanora Philip also happens to be the only person in the cast of pregnant women to have experienced motherhood in real life. “While playing Saya, I really wished that it would have been a better experience if I had a similar gang of pregnant women when I was stepping into motherhood in my real life. I have had postpartum depression, during my pregnancy. For about 20 days after giving birth, I felt miserable. I would cry and yell for no reason and even had suicidal thoughts. But I am glad that ‘Wonder Women’ happened because I got to experience pregnancy again, with all these beautiful memories. Especially, when we broke the news posting a picture of a home-pregnancy kit, I felt really pregnant!” she adds.

“‘Wonder Women’ is indeed my second baby. And I feel the film will give the audience something to take home, after watching it,” Sayanora Philip said signing off.

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