Aamir Khan and Ram Madhvani’s ill-fated secret project: Details REVEALED | Hindi Movie News

Some years ago, Aamir Khan was secretly working on his own film based on the much-talked-about KM Nanavati case, which served as the basis of the Akshay Kumar starrer Rustom and was also earlier referenced in Yeh Raaste Hain Pyar Ke where Sunil Dutt played the naval officer who allegedly murdered his unfaithful wife.

Aamir had gone into extensive research into the case, and had even got Sylvia Nanavati, KM Nanavati’s widow on board. But then the project fell apart when two other films based on the same celebrated case were announced.

Informs a reliable source, “Aamir Khan was very eager to do a film on the Nanavati case. He collaborated with director Ram Madhvani on the same. After Madhvani directed the true-life account in Neerja so effectively, Aamir felt Madhvani was the best filmmaker to piece together the intricate jigsaw pieces of the real-life Nanavati case.”

Apparently Aamir Khan and Ram Madhvani even met Nanavati’s widow Sylvia who now resides in London. And she was enthusiastic about the project. After all Aamir Khan, known to be a superstar with a conscience, was doing it.

But then it all fell apart when producer Neeraj Pandey in collaboration with Akshay Kumar announced Rustom based on the Nanavati case. Pooja Bhatt and Soni Razdan also announced a film titled Love Affair based on the same project, which never got made. Aamir decided to drop his proposed film on the Nanavati case. Sad, because it would have been enormously interesting to see what Aamir would have done with this complex saga of love, betrayal and honour.

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